Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Im back!

Hi to all
Im finally back, I want to thank for all your comments and support, some of you were asking why I didnt offer more freebies these last months; the reason is I was so busy working in some new projects to make me earn some extra money as designing greeting cards and poser kits to sale (these ones are for commercial use) and they took me all my free time; but now I think is time to still offer freebies; I want to tell you again, all the freebies posted in this site are for Personal Use Only! not for profit; if some of you want to use my work to earn money, go to my store at and buy my sheets and poser kits, only click the banner; and I'm accepting requests. Thank you very much :)


  1. Sometimes when you've got other hobbies aswell it can be very much work to realise them all.I really hope that you will offer some new poser here when you've got the time.I do follow you on facebook and your creations re very,very astohisning;-)
    I do create many thing aswel as in paintshop or by hook(crochet creatures).You be very welcome to visite my blogspot when you've got the time.

    many grtz jacqueline

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